Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Conflict: Force vs Non-Force

SWAG 77 RPers mainly: Mara Jade, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla

0. Mara Jade’s secret conference call with the Emperor turns ugly. The Emperor has ordered the orbital bombardment of Lothal. When it will happen is anyone’s guess.

1. Sabine notices Mara’s distress who orders her to shore up the barricades, and does not say why, but says that Lieutenant Bo-Katan was here…

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Oversharing as an #RP CharacterHow much is too much?
Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing …View Post

Oversharing as an #RP Character

How much is too much?

Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing …

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STOP NECROPOSTING!Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators…View Post


Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators…

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How To: Keeping it IC vs OOC in this FB World? (June 2011 reblog)

How To: Keeping it IC vs OOC in this FB World? How much is too much IC (in character) vs OOC (out of character) in roleplay while on FB in all its access points: Wall, Messages, PM, email, groups and pages? Who decides what? It is all too confusing? 

Getting to know people and make friends through an RP account can be easy and tough. Either way it takes skill and time. Some people easily go with the flow and then over time, RP can become dull. Some people RP full throttle and then leave abruptly because it is too much. And yet, some people watch over time and still RP to this day. But not any RP is ALL IC (in character) or ALL OOC (out of character), all the time.

The question is: How does one manage all these directions of communication? 

There are key concepts to keep in mind in the reasons why people roleplay on Large Format Social Media:

Most people RP for entertainment reasons. It is fun to pretend to be your favorite character on your favorite movie! When news events happen in real life, putting it the terms of your favorite character voice and trivialities, it can cause others to laugh and find amusement and carouse with you. We all strive for community and become a culture. Unfortunately, this process does not last forever.

For some people, RP is a good way to write serious stories, and perform them before a live audience. Some people do it as an artform, a social media creative venture to build their tales for their favorite movie. It is a good way to network and meet like-minded people and get feedback, because many times, writing, plotting and building are done alone, which is fine… But many times, it is lonely and some people want to get out, which brings us back to SOCIAL media… 

Realistically, you cannot extend yourself in your character 100% of the time. Your real life will intrude. You learned how to create friendships and pairing with people since you were a toddler, that real life lesson will be practiced in social media. You mind is unable to physically separate the two. So that means you go “out of character” and use “out of character” tools to manage those interactions.

MANY people on social media have real life social anxiety.  Take that as a given. Many of them do not go into public settings. Many have a tough time making real friends. Some people are lonely and use social media to supplant their friendships. It is harsh, to say to people, “go get a real life” when it is unknown what another person’s circumstances are! Be mindful of that.

The other issue to remember when you develop friendship in an OOC style: While everyone has trash and baggage — EVERYONE is of value and has gifts. If you strive to be better person, then try to help others with their gifts, and their beauties online… EVERYONE has something to offer!

Roleplaying, often helps people come to a decision about huge choices they need to make in real life. And being that support network that got them there makes life so fresh and enriches your life… Think about that when trying to strike a balance between IC vs OOC!

Also remember your purpose for roleplaying!

If you are casual: You will probably roleplay IC some days, and then RP OOC on other days. That happens and is okay.

If you are serious: You will probably spend roughly 50% amount of your RP time IC and 150% OOC. Because half the time your character is RPing and the other amount your time you could be defending your character’s actions to fellow RPers, you are writing the post hoc and insight metrics, and you are preparing for image searches.

If you are professional: You will probably spend 70% IC, because more often your character in your favorite movie is a canon character and you want to remain in character for that. Ironically, you are probably spending 170% OOC, because you are getting paid to play your character and someone else is designated to explain your character’s actions. This is RARE!

Lastly, in roleplaying on how much is IC vs OOC are the Roleplaying group’s rules: 

Some groups are casual groups to get to know people and gain a feeling about one another behind the character. There is a risk to that due to human’s inherent nature to gossip, and your personal information present on the internet, but if you can live through stuff, then it is fine.

Some groups are very serious and possibly 80% to 90% of their time in spent in character.  That is fine, too when you know you can roleplay, you can understand social dynamics easily and/or you have some mentorships. At the same time, your clout levels take time to build and tough to keep at it. Battles can easily turn personal and start to go out of character without any warning.

Needless to say, this is one person’s professional point of view on Roleplay on Large Format Social Media dealing with the IC vs OOC issues. This blog can be expanded and is not meant to offend anyone or belittle anyone.

SWTOR Character Sheet Modified (ISCA/SWAG)

This character sheet is modified from SWTOR. It is the bare minimum. Extending it is beneficial. This sheet is for your STAR WARS character only. Not for you. There are key concepts of Star Wars you would need to know building this character. These concepts can be found in our “Roleplaying Terminology and Common Abbreviations" blog




Year of Birth (BBY or ABY)


Home Planet

Current Residence


Faction Allegiance




Miscellaneous Item(s)



Additional Categories to include if necessary:

Bounty Hunter:

Number of Bounties Captured:

Number of Bounties Killed:


Number of Jedi Killed:

Lightsaber Color:


Number of Sith Killed:

Lightsaber Color:


Number of Shipments Smuggled:








Roleplaying Terminology and Common Abbreviations

Roleplaying Terminology and Common Abbreviations - modified from ForceNet Jedi Council Forums

This list will be updated frequently

RPR - Role Playing Resource. Star Wars RP University on FB is where we talk about how to roleplay (RP), techniques, writing, plots, storylines and performances, etc.  Anything that has to do with Star Wars and Roleplaying will be posted on the Star Wars RP University (SWRPU).

RP - Roleplay

RL - Real Life

IRL - In Real Life


TT - Twitter less frequently used on FB or Twitter

Star Wars - SW



  • TPM - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • AOTC - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • ROTS - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • ANH - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • ESB - Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
  • ROTJ - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


  • TCW - Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • SWD - Star Wars: Detours

RARELY discuss Ewoks or Droids, but… There are some of us geeks out there

Games currently used in the lexicon:

  • TFU I and II - Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and II 

         USE - Ultimate Sith Edition 

         DLC - Downloadable Content

  • KOTOR I and II - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • SWTOR - Star Wars The Old Republic

A more exhaustive list of all the games is on Wookieepedia

Novels in the current lexicon being used:

  • TCW - The Clone Wars
  • TFUI or II - The Force Unleashed
  • NJO - New Jedi Order
  • LOTJ - Legacy of the Jedi
  • FOTJ - Fate of the Jedi

PLEASE be respectful on the novels, because there are quite a few RL Lucasfilm folks, Star Wars Authors, Artistis, Filmmakers and Actors following various RPers on FB and Twitter!

Do not be disrespectful to them and use profanity. That is just plain dumb! 


ABY - After the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin. Also refers to the ABYverse, a group of games set in roughly 130ABY. 

BBY - Before the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin.


RPer - common abbreviation for Roleplayer.

CS - Character Sheet. The character sheet is a form that you fill out before playing in the RP; it lists some basic things about your character like his name, age, species, gender, and things like that. Most GMs will require you to submit your character sheet to them before you start. 

IC - In Character. It shows where you are writing the actual story of the character. 

OOC - Out Of Character. Can be used as:

  • OOC
  • ooc
  • /
  • //
  • ((…))
  • {{…}}
  • [[…]]

You use it when you (as opposed to your character) want to say something in the feed. Typically you do it before your post.

In general, information posted on your OWN  wall or fan page is sometimes out of character. You can ask if someone is IC or OOC.

IF you post something in either IC or OOC and desire a respons, such as discussing RL events never related to RP, then you will invariably get responses, some you may not like.

Careful what you post because you are responsible for the information. And there are no First Amendment Free Speech protections on Social Media — you have the right to say what you want, but if what you say defames the other person, the other person can sue you for it… You are what you post. The Internet Is Written In INK—NOT PENCIL! Your boss may ACTUALLY BE watching…


*saying your favorite emotion or action* - wraping your phrases with the use of the

  • *…*
  • -…-
  • ~…~
  • {…}
  • […] 

Are arbitrary “emotions” or “actions” you do on Social Media sites:

    e.g.: *She yawns* I think I am tired…  

It can be written into prose like this:

    e.g. She yawns, “I think I am tired.”


IM - instant messaging

DM - direct message — more prevalent on Twitter

PM - private message — on older forms of Social Media

Services for chat is: Tinychat, Meebo and Skype. Careful, some are videochat sessions. Careful what you say in them.

General terminology for Social Media can be found ANYWHERE! If you have questions, GOOGLE is your friend.


COMMUNICATIONS: HUGE DISCUSSION AND CAN CHANGE!!! Most are stated as an emotion or action during RP.

OCC - Over Comm Channel

-comm-  - communications

-holo-  - have a Hologram communication

-holocom- - same as a hologram

comlink - Sometimes said, most times referring to Com

-villip-  - The organic equivalent of a communication device used ONLY by the Yuuzhan Vong

More to be added…

Who is the Star Wars RP University?


Star Wars RP UniversityThere are many reasons to “roleplay” or RP or pretend you are a character in your favorite movie, television show, videogame, novel or comicbook.

Star Wars RP University is here to help fans who wish to RP develop their creative artistry on social media.

A character can be part of the Star Wars canon or characters that are made up—non canon, but first and foremost we are FANS OF STAR WARS!

What is Role Playing on Social Media?

Our Talking Points

This blog focuses on this particular of the Star Wars “Universe” or “Verse” and provides synopses and narration for upcoming RPs with addenda to understanding new concepts into the stories we tell, based on scientific facts.

History of Roleplaying

Roleplaying (RP) in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU) is not new. Since the 1970’s people have created many stories—also knowns as Fan Fictions. More excitingly, the advent of Social Media has shared these stories with millions of people.

For those new to RP this link provides the best explanation that is from the top Star Wars related video game design companies.

Star Wars RP University’s mission is:

To be the resource for SW RPers who roleplay on social media.

This group does the following, but not limited to:

  • Storytellers
  • Writers
  • Readers
  • Background researchers
  • Promotional Campaign Organizers
  • Advertisers
  • Graphic artists
  • Social Media account managers
  • Customer Relations Managers
  • Professional Liaison Managers
  • Event Planners
  • Online Event Managers
  • Socialites

This list is incomplete…

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me - The Roleplayer?

THIS IS MANDO!At Star Wars RP University, a RPer of any age or profession can develop their skills with the guidance from various professionals, who range from professional writers to research scientists. These skills help a RPer to share their ideas about Star Wars on Social Media.

Some of topics a RPer can learn are:

  • Basic storyline and arc construction and tropes
  • General writing techniques: grammar, spelling and conciseness
  • Character development: Protagonist, antagonist, hero, villain, accessory character
  • Writing combat maneuvers in Star Wars

If you think this is something you might be interested in doing, take our courses at Star Wars RP University on Facebook!