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#StarWars FanFic: Prologue to Rising Force, Rebellious Seed The Foretelling

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Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Conflict: Force vs Non-Force

SWAG 77 RPers mainly: Mara Jade, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla

0. Mara Jade’s secret conference call with the Emperor turns ugly. The Emperor has ordered the orbital bombardment of Lothal. When it will happen is anyone’s guess.

1. Sabine notices Mara’s distress who orders her to shore up the barricades, and does not say why, but says that Lieutenant Bo-Katan was here…

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What is #StarWars Canon, Now?

What is #StarWars Canon, Now?

Stargate needs to be in Star Wars?

You know, when you see roleplays (RPs) by less than serious Star Wars fans that godmod and attempt to add elements from different Universes? They are a multi-verse RPer, which is okay if you want to do that, but then these same di’kuts attempt to dominate the entire landscape of RP on the social media platform, which makes integrity to Star Wars content lax?…

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From SWPU: “The one way the galaxy hasn’t changed: Teaching is still the most important job.” #GeorgeLucas

From SWPU: “The one way the galaxy hasn’t changed: Teaching is still the most important job.” #GeorgeLucas

FROM #StarWarsPerformanceUniversity: One on one interactions in #RP - a part of drills

One on one interactions in RP are short interactions and responses to images, comments and statements solely IC (in character). They are a part of drills to familiarize yourself with your RP partners and make you more comfortable in what you say in your RP will be received well by all members of the group. 

It’s different from a friends and/or OOC (out of character) statement in that, most of the time, you know your friends in person, and this drill should not EVER be stated OOC - is is not the RPer’s personal position — it’s the character’s. 

It confuses your audience when there is IC vs OOC even with tags. MOST of the time, your RP account MUST BE IC - meaning 90% - 95% of the time. Because when it is not, it appears that the RPer is pretending to be the character and inserting him/herself and opinions onto the character, rather than what is the true status in character development. There are NUMEROUS RP Helpers that discuss this concept - rphelper is one of them.

For Star Wars, our entire knowledgebase has changed, but the way to write stories has not. We must always understand the basis of our characters and how they drive the plot in accordance with the Timeline.

For Instance: Bo-Katan (bokatan77 @Bo_Katan) is a female, lieutenant of Death Watch. She was under Commander Pre Vizsla. She is the sister of Duchess Satine Kryze. Her demeanor is confident, sardonic and deadly. We had to build her from what we know about the Mandalorian Death Watch: are they just a splinter group? Are they terrorists? Are they conservative freedom fighters desiring the old warrior codes? And then what about Bo-Katan’s family? She knew who they were, so she knew what she was doing. It seems that Duchess Satine was not mean and hateful about it and trusted her implicitly. 

This is called character analysis based on plot. These are the kinds of questions that WE ask in SWAG 77. 

We can develop your character.

And there are many character questions - all of which can be done with drills by one on one interactions.