Wait until you’ve RP’ed a few times with the official rules of the group before you decide to tinker. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast
If something isn’t working for you group, and entire group agrees, make a change. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast
Roleplay is a ‘LIVING GAME’; it evolves and develops as you RP it. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast

Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Conflict: Force vs Non-Force

SWAG 77 RPers mainly: Mara Jade, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla

0. Mara Jade’s secret conference call with the Emperor turns ugly. The Emperor has ordered the orbital bombardment of Lothal. When it will happen is anyone’s guess.

1. Sabine notices Mara’s distress who orders her to shore up the barricades, and does not say why, but says that Lieutenant Bo-Katan was here…

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Oversharing as an #RP CharacterHow much is too much?
Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing …View Post

Oversharing as an #RP Character

How much is too much?

Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing …

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Roleplaying Help by King of Ravens - modified http://wp.me/s1EkDK-rphelp1View Post

Roleplaying Help by King of Ravens - modified http://wp.me/s1EkDK-rphelp1

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STOP NECROPOSTING!Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators…View Post


Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators…

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By Georgia Moody: As the Red King said, “Begin at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop.”


Role-playing game

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A role-playing game (RPG and sometimes roleplaying game) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making or character development. Actions taken within games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.

Collaborative fiction

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Collaborative fiction is a form of writing by a group of authors who share creative control of a story. Collaborative fiction can occur for commercial gain, as part of education, or recreationally.

Denizens of the Facebook Star Wars “RP”, which of the above options do you think this little enterprise more closely resembles?

I came here to play a RPG- a Role Playing Game. I have years and years of experience with RP, I know the rules, and I know when to bend them. I can flourish immensely within given boundaries, and create something beautiful out of raw material. I’ve met a few very gifted individuals (you know who you are) who I would be overjoyed and honored to sit down and throw dice with any time of the day or night. But RP does not equal creative writing.  If I wanted to join a writer’s group, I’d have done that instead.

But the very idea of a Role Playing Game in this “Galaxy” is a joke. No one ever loses. There’s OOC conversations and backstabbings and manipulation that, if I saw happening around my RP table, would get people kicked not only out of the game, but out of my house as well.

I love Star Wars, don’t get me wrong. And I can already hear the aggrieved shrieks of “We’re here because we love Star Wars!” No, we’re not. We’re here because we wanted to ROLE PLAY in the SW galaxy. Maybe we don’t have a local Saga Edition group, or maybe we don’t have the time to devote hours every week to RP with other devoted fans. Maybe some people don’t want to embrace their nerdliness, and remain in the RP closet. It’s okay, we won’t tattle on you. We might try to lure you out with cookies and beer, but hey, actual face to face RP isn’t for everybody for a variety of legitimate and understandable reasons. That being said….

If you joined this “RP” to get an audience for your own Star Wars fanfic, you are not a roleplayer. You’re treating what could potentially be a wondrous world-spanning role-playing opportunity into a badly mismanaged writing group, a set of yammering sycophants who, no matter how execrable the storyline or damaged the syntax, will set up caroling howls of joy, proclaiming every little digital scribble as the SW equivalent of Dickens or Homer. Give praise where praise is due, and give criticism where it is necessary. No one ever learns anything if they are lauded all the time. Every single person, myself included, has room for improvement in their writing abilities. But this is not the place. We are not “authors” of characters. We are PLAYERS of characters. That’s something completely different.

HOWEVER…a piece of a well-written backstory can give other players insight into the character. Endless bits of fluff and nonsense, drowning in misused vocabulary amid a deluge of adverbs- that is not well written. That is a waste of digital space. If you want to be an author, there are plenty of places out there on the Net for you to post your fevered imaginings and get good critiques and feedback. In a RP setting is not one of those places. We are here to PLAY. We know our stuff, and we want to use it!

If all you ever write is about how your character is doing something in a manner that can best be described by a word ending in –ly, I suggest you take a writing course. Self-aggrandizement is boring, m’kay? You’re telling us what you’re doing. In the words of my English professors, “Why do we care?”

If you think that just because there may be one tiny, infinitesimal, known-only-to-you flaw in your armor/ship/skillset/weaponry, that you have created a “balanced” character- I hate to tell you, you’re wrong. Every single canon character, from Palpatine to Thrawn to Wedge Antilles to Orn Free Taa has obvious strengths and obvious weaknesses. Playing godlike characters gets real boring real quick. There’s never any challenges, never any potential for growth, never any “whew, made that by the skin of my teeth” moments. It’s blase at best and a game-wrecker at worst.

If you are the kind of RP’er who thinks a weakness is having a 17 in a stat- you’re the worst kind of weaselly, headache-inducing, game-killing, rules-lawyering scum. And if you don’t know what the previous sentence means without having to consult Google, then I suggest you learn to play like the big kids. Put on your big-boy pants or your big-girl panties, and learn how to RP. Guess what? You’re going to lose sometimes, then have to figure out how to bounce back.

REAL characters have both the best and worst of the spectrum of human emotions- because no matter what race we are playing on the screen, when it comes down to it, we’re all Homo Sapiens. None of us like to see our characters, that we have put so much time and effort into- sometimes literal real-world years, in some cases – fall prey to someone else. However, sometimes your opponents roll a crit success, and sometimes you roll a crit fail. When that happens, paradigms shift. You can go from being on top of the Galaxy to having to beg in the streets for your next meal. It should be able to happen to any one of us. This is one of the areas where RP meets real life- a single cataclysmic event can change your entire personal world. There’s a five-dollar word that explains this a lot more succinctly- verisimilitude. And that verisimilitude is the very thing that makes RP work. When you feel the pain or joy or frustration of your character, that’s good RP. When you are depressed because something didn’t come out your way, or challenged by their challenges- that’s the kind of involvement that can make campaigns last decades.

No one likes to see unfairness happen, or even worse, a caste system develop. That is what we are creating here. There’s the “do as I say, not as I do” rule in effect in a lot of cases. Just because you can write a backstory that results in your character being the bastard child of a Wookiee and a bartending droid doesn’t mean you should. In journalism terms, it doesn’t pass the sniff test. Neither does a lot of other things in this Galaxy, but that leads me to my last thought.

To get to the final point of this message, assuming anyone has read this far, I am taking a hiatus from GSRP. I need to rediscover my love for my characters, for this galaxy, to bring back to myself what has been lost. Seeing as how I have managed to scrape, deal, inherit, and purchase a relatively sizable chunk of holdings for an individual, they will remain in my control under the protection of a few people I trust.

When/if I decide not to come back to GSRP, I will make a formal announcement of such and divide my holdings as I see fit. Who knows, if the Galaxy has actually learned how to RP properly, I may hold a contest where the winner could be named Emperor/Empress of the Erisians and “inherit” all my property, patents, companies, etc.

There are people in the GSRP ‘verse who I have come to love, and those I have come to hate. There are people here who have given me hope for the rest of humanity, and those who have confirmed the insidious whisperings of my cynical little black heart.  I don’t want to walk away, but I know I must, before this sad and warped version of the GFFA kills my love of it forever.

Roleplaying Terminology and Common Abbreviations

Roleplaying Terminology and Common Abbreviations - modified from ForceNet Jedi Council Forums

This list will be updated frequently

RPR - Role Playing Resource. Star Wars RP University on FB is where we talk about how to roleplay (RP), techniques, writing, plots, storylines and performances, etc.  Anything that has to do with Star Wars and Roleplaying will be posted on the Star Wars RP University (SWRPU).

RP - Roleplay

RL - Real Life

IRL - In Real Life


TT - Twitter less frequently used on FB or Twitter

Star Wars - SW



  • TPM - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • AOTC - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • ROTS - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • ANH - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • ESB - Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
  • ROTJ - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


  • TCW - Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • SWD - Star Wars: Detours

RARELY discuss Ewoks or Droids, but… There are some of us geeks out there

Games currently used in the lexicon:

  • TFU I and II - Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and II 

         USE - Ultimate Sith Edition 

         DLC - Downloadable Content

  • KOTOR I and II - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • SWTOR - Star Wars The Old Republic

A more exhaustive list of all the games is on Wookieepedia

Novels in the current lexicon being used:

  • TCW - The Clone Wars
  • TFUI or II - The Force Unleashed
  • NJO - New Jedi Order
  • LOTJ - Legacy of the Jedi
  • FOTJ - Fate of the Jedi

PLEASE be respectful on the novels, because there are quite a few RL Lucasfilm folks, Star Wars Authors, Artistis, Filmmakers and Actors following various RPers on FB and Twitter!

Do not be disrespectful to them and use profanity. That is just plain dumb! 


ABY - After the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin. Also refers to the ABYverse, a group of games set in roughly 130ABY. 

BBY - Before the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin.


RPer - common abbreviation for Roleplayer.

CS - Character Sheet. The character sheet is a form that you fill out before playing in the RP; it lists some basic things about your character like his name, age, species, gender, and things like that. Most GMs will require you to submit your character sheet to them before you start. 

IC - In Character. It shows where you are writing the actual story of the character. 

OOC - Out Of Character. Can be used as:

  • OOC
  • ooc
  • /
  • //
  • ((…))
  • {{…}}
  • [[…]]

You use it when you (as opposed to your character) want to say something in the feed. Typically you do it before your post.

In general, information posted on your OWN  wall or fan page is sometimes out of character. You can ask if someone is IC or OOC.

IF you post something in either IC or OOC and desire a respons, such as discussing RL events never related to RP, then you will invariably get responses, some you may not like.

Careful what you post because you are responsible for the information. And there are no First Amendment Free Speech protections on Social Media — you have the right to say what you want, but if what you say defames the other person, the other person can sue you for it… You are what you post. The Internet Is Written In INK—NOT PENCIL! Your boss may ACTUALLY BE watching…


*saying your favorite emotion or action* - wraping your phrases with the use of the

  • *…*
  • -…-
  • ~…~
  • {…}
  • […] 

Are arbitrary “emotions” or “actions” you do on Social Media sites:

    e.g.: *She yawns* I think I am tired…  

It can be written into prose like this:

    e.g. She yawns, “I think I am tired.”


IM - instant messaging

DM - direct message — more prevalent on Twitter

PM - private message — on older forms of Social Media

Services for chat is: Tinychat, Meebo and Skype. Careful, some are videochat sessions. Careful what you say in them.

General terminology for Social Media can be found ANYWHERE! If you have questions, GOOGLE is your friend.


COMMUNICATIONS: HUGE DISCUSSION AND CAN CHANGE!!! Most are stated as an emotion or action during RP.

OCC - Over Comm Channel

-comm-  - communications

-holo-  - have a Hologram communication

-holocom- - same as a hologram

comlink - Sometimes said, most times referring to Com

-villip-  - The organic equivalent of a communication device used ONLY by the Yuuzhan Vong

More to be added…