From IGN - Interview with Dave Filoni on how EU will be seen. Good for #RP knowledge.

"My approach has always been to utilize the Expanded Universe as basically a base of ideas. That was very much how George used it. He would see things like Aayla Secura or Quinlan Vos, and he would say, "Oh, that’s neat. Let’s use that," but he would never really use them quite in the way that the comic books told the story. So I think that that’s completely fair, being the person that had created Star Wars, to go like, "Well, I like that idea, but this is how I would tell the story." That’s not too different when you see that sometimes Percival and Galahad are very similar questing knights, and sometimes they’re different; they have different names with different spellings. Good stories and storytelling often branch out and have multiple stories. But as you know, a lot of my life for the last 10 years has been discussing that with fans who love the EU, and I don’t mind at all. I think the key for me is I never would subtract and tell them that, "Hey, you can’t like those stories." If you love those stories, they count for you, and I think that that’s great. Who am I? I’m lucky enough to make this show, but I try to give a nod where I can to things I know people will like." ~Dave Filoni

REBLOG: To tell us 1 thing that gets on your last nerve about RPing on social media?

Any fandom. Any Genre. Any Character. PROCESS NOT PERSONAL!

New #RP Word Of The Day: Musesplaining

New word: Musesplaining: Muse tells RP storyline than shows RP storyline in an active RP, drabble, prompt, headcanon.


New RP Word Of The Day: MUNsplaining

New word: MUNsplaining: Rather than RP in IC out, the MUN only speaks OOC to explain their RP to people who are not RP partners.


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Hey…#StarWars Fans, Ignore Us #RPers, We’ll Go Away - SAID NO ONE EVER!

Hey…#StarWars Fans, Ignore Us #RPers, We’ll Go Away – SAID NO ONE EVER!

Some Fans cosplay. Some Fans podcast. And Some fans post. But the fans that roleplay on large format social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+) are a different kind of fan.

They cosplay, podcast and post. Which means they know how a character has to look, they can discuss it and they post on sites to share their ideas.

To roleplay Star Wars online requires a lot of reading, staying on top of…

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We encourage creative growth among #StarWars fans

We encourage creative growth among #StarWars fans

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Star Wars RP Management: Use of Helpers

SWAG 77 - Star Wars Actors Guild 77

Roleplaying anywhere is difficult, especially on large platform social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+.

Roleplaying Star Wars with any honesty and sincerity makes it harder.

If you are too loose in your standards and rules, it is no longer Star Wars fandom, but just messing around. While fun to be lazy for a few days, it is also degenerates the RP. Our group has seen it and done that.

If you are too tight in your standards and rules, no one will RP with you. We have seen that.

Throughout the years, we have seen as best practices for Star Wars is to read the literature, write on blogs, podcasts, go to cons, consider cosplaying or supporting cosplayers, and learn how to build a good team.

Team building with communication and consensus is a human resources technique for corporate design. It takes a bit to learn how to do and not surprisingly, not many roleplayers know how to do it. But once they learn, it really accelerates their learning and understanding and being an exquisite fan of Star Wars.

We know, we have the fan table at Star Wars Celebration VI that proves it.

Being a team is the ONLY way roleplaying on social media will work at the level in which we do it: Scripted.

There are days where we fool around, some times weeks. But we have plots that we can build and at anytime we’re always writing something. We have strategic campaigns and plans in place that our audience may unaware.

All reactions that we get from our audience are planned.

Another issue is we use our social media platforms to their fullest extent. If that means “qualified tagging” that’s what it means. We’re going to do it. It doesn’t matter how one feels about it, it is our freedom of speech to express our product as broadly as possible. And it is legal to do it. Imposing arbitrary rules is oppressive.

Same goes for Twitter and Facebook.

Our group operates in this manner. Your group may differ. But it is not fair to impose your standards on us, when we are not doing it to yours.

We do have a right to comment on your content, just as much as you have a right to comment on ours. But we are responsible with our criticisms because we are adults and we refuse to be spoken to disrespectfully.

This is how we roleplay.

For more RP help - Tumblr has a HOST of RP Helpers that are filled with a wealth of information on RP management.