If you’re a smart #StarWars roleplayer you would know Legends EU but respect new canon.

Things fanfiction authors do





*posts chapter*

*checks page to make sure chapter hasn’t transformed into 100% typos*

*refreshes to check for reviews*

*refreshes again*

*resolves to go to bed and not check until morning*

*goes to bed, turns on phone, checks for reviews*


…awkwardly true

*discover typo five months later*


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#StarWars Timeline Issues - resolved? Who knows?

Imperial Inquisitors - dark-side-imbued agents of the Empire tasked with seeking out any Force-users - began as a storytelling concept in #StarWars RPGs. — Star Wars The Essential Reader’s Companion by Pablo Hidalgo, 2012. pp 138 
Wait until you’ve RP’ed a few times with the official rules of the group before you decide to tinker. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast
If something isn’t working for you group, and entire group agrees, make a change. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast
Roleplay is a ‘LIVING GAME’; it evolves and develops as you RP it. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast

What to consider: When doing a pregnancy plot



Lots of people in roleplays do pregnancy plots if they are with someone or are just bored in a roleplay and want to spice things up. However there are many things to consider when doing a plot like this. Under read more you will find what you need to think about.

In this I talk about abortion and misscarriage, so please do not read if you are triggered by it.

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Headcanon For #DarthVader Character on Tumblr


Darth Vader learns that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bo-Katan have a daughter they named Mara Jade. It enrages his jealousy because he believes his child died fighting with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. But Mara Jade is protected by the Emperor.