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Our Review of #StarWars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir #4 by SWAG 77 Podcast: Josh, Gina, Stephen Tillman of The Star Wars Guru and Tony Darth-Cyrax Borgheiinck of Geek Talk

ArtistSWAG 77 Podcast
TitleDarth Maul: Son of Dathomir #4

How character IS structure… #screenwriting #scriptchat #amwriting
— ScreenwritingProcess (@scwtngprocess) August 29, 2014

Several types of roleplayers (#RP-ers) reblog if you can think of more.

There are several types of role players

1. The serious type who always have the stick up their ass

2. The non serious type who do this just for fun (me)

3. The drama seekers its in the name

4. The serious storyline erotica writers who write sex because fifty shades of grey

5. The thristy fuckers who can’t get a real life girlfriend and always asking for sex

6. The creepy guys from another country basically number 5 but on the other side of the world

7. The anime people again in the name also you guys are freaky

8. The ones people never see they only have their own little group away from every one else

9. The guys posing as girls for lesbian sex think about that next time guys

10. And the last one The girls posing as guys

If I left any out please comment down below this was just something popped into my head

If you’re a smart #StarWars roleplayer you would know Legends EU but respect new canon.

Things fanfiction authors do





*posts chapter*

*checks page to make sure chapter hasn’t transformed into 100% typos*

*refreshes to check for reviews*

*refreshes again*

*resolves to go to bed and not check until morning*

*goes to bed, turns on phone, checks for reviews*


…awkwardly true

*discover typo five months later*


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#StarWars Timeline Issues - resolved? Who knows?

Imperial Inquisitors - dark-side-imbued agents of the Empire tasked with seeking out any Force-users - began as a storytelling concept in #StarWars RPGs. — Star Wars The Essential Reader’s Companion by Pablo Hidalgo, 2012. pp 138 
Wait until you’ve RP’ed a few times with the official rules of the group before you decide to tinker. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast
If something isn’t working for you group, and entire group agrees, make a change. — #StarWars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Wizards of the Coast